Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Seminar Series

As you can tell from looking at my blog archives, I'm relatively new to blogging. But for many women, blogging is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life.

What I like about blogs is that they are never static, meaning they change constantly. Yet for those of us new to blogging we need to learn how to make changes that will improve our blogs and increase our following; which is why I've signed up for the Hot Seminar Series running from June 16 - Aug 11.

Successful work-at-home-mom, Kelly McCausey has put together a fabulous opportunity to learn how to better your blog. She has put together nine weekly webinars to help us learn how to make the most of Wordpress. Now, I'm not currently using Wordpress as I find it more complicated than Blogger; but, maybe once I'm done with the webinars, I'll be more confident in my abilities to make a rockin' wordpress blog!

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  1. You'll like wordpress once you figure it out and get started. I use it for my photography blog and I love it. It just takes some time to learn it. I need to switch my personal blog over one of these days!! Enjoy the workshops!!