Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthing the Twins

Being a MoM (mother of multiples) I often get asked about the birth story of the twins. Today is Twin Tuesday so I thought I would share that memorable moment with you all.

First I want everyone to know that I didn't actually find out I was having twins until I was 5 months pregnant.  I had none of the usual "tell tale signs" that multiple pregnancies usually have.  I was very fortunate and didn't suffer any morning sickness at all and I only gained a total of 33lbs (8 of those were during the last week when I developed pre-eclampsia).  Despite the fact that twins run rampant in my family, I was shocked beyond belief when I was told at my ultrasound that I was having twins.  We had already purchased a crib and we had planned to buy our stroller that weekend. Needless to say, our plans changed as we now had to research and decide on a twin stroller.

At 26 weeks, my blood pressure started to become elevated.  My OB decided he would begin monitoring me more closely doing pre-natal appointments every week.  At 28 weeks my blood pressure was still climbing and so my doctor took me off work, gave me a prescription for labetalol and told me I needed to rest for a minimum of 1 hours morning, noon and night.  Despite my modified bed rest, my blood pressure continued to climb and at 31w 1d they found protein in my urine.  The doc decided to send me to the hospital to be monitored for 24hours to determine if I was in the early stages of pre-eclampsia.  He couldn't get me in that same day so I was told to check in at noon the following day, November 16th.  

Mr. Twingle drops me off at the hospital promptly at noon and stays for a little while to get me settled.  I have a private room with a view of the lake, I get the television hooked up and I have a supply of Harry Potter novels and crocheting to keep me busy as I was told I would be there for 24-48 hours.  Mr. Twingle then leaves to go to work, promising to bring me dinner later that evening.  My nurse for the day, Jen, comes in to take my vitals and listen to the heartbeats, everything seems fine.  Around 4pm, a friend of mine comes into visit bringing me a mulled cranberry cider.  We chat for a while and she leaves about an hour later to get home to her family.  I call Mr. Twingle to see if he has any idea what time he'll be through at work and to advise him I'd prefer subs for dinner that night.  He claims he'll be done in about an hour; but he'll be there before the start of the Amazing Race (it was to be the season premiere).  We say good-bye and I move from my bed to the rocking chair as my back has begun to hurt.  Jen comes in with some water and I ask if she has a hot water bottle to put on my back.  She doesn't but brings me warm blankets to use instead.  Around 6pm or so, I get up to use the washroom and as I stand to pull up my pants, my water breaks!  Of course, I'm only 31 weeks and in complete denial so I think I just haven't finished my business and sit back down.  After a few moments I clue in that it's not urine and I hit the call button.  3 nurses come running to find me in the washroom.  I explain that I think my water broke and they look at the floor exclaiming "is that it?".  I tell them my initial theory, which they chuckle at.  They get me cleaned up and moved into a wheel chair as I'm being moved to Labor & Delivery.  The whole while, Jen, is telling me not to worry and I'll likely be transferred out to McMaster University Children's Hospital since I'm so early.  Jen has also taken it upon herself to call Mr. Twingle to let him know I'm in labor.

Once in L&D, I'm promptly hooked up to fetal monitors and stripped down and dressed in a hospital gown.  The OB on call comes in to check me realizing I'm already dilated to 7cm; nope, not getting transferred at this point.  He also thinks that Twin A is vertex (head down) but wants to do an ultrasound to be sure.  Good thing he did as the ultrasound showed that Twin A was in fact breech and they are now going to deliver via c-section.  Mr. T has arrived in all this commotion and I hear him in the hall with a very panicked tone to his voice.  A nurse goes to get him scrubs; but, by the time she comes back I'm in hard labor with contractions coming one on top of the other with no room to breathe in between.  They wheel me to the OR dragging a chair behind them as everything is happening WAY too fast.  They transfer me to the operating table where the OB checks me again to find I'm fully dilated.  He tells me "don't push, we're waiting on the anesthesiologist".  I think to myself, "Are you out of your bloody mind?".  Then I'm put out under general anesthesia and Mr. T paces the hallway as he's no longer allowed in the OR since I'm under general.  Pretty, twin A was born at 1924 weighing 3lbs 5oz.
Boo, twin B was born at 1926 weighing 4lbs 3oz.  Both were immediately taken to the SCN or Level II nursery where they were looked after by our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Sharon Carson.

The twins were in the hospital for a total of 3 weeks, 6 days.  Boo got transferred to a level III nursery for 8 days before rejoining Prety at the level II nursery at the birthing hospital.

Now at 5.5 they are thriving and doing well.  You'd never know that they were 9 weeks early.


  1. I love this Steph, what a beautiful story. I cant believe how tiny they were, its absolutly amazing they can start that small!

  2. This is a great story! Happy that they ended up healthy & all is well!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower of yours!!