Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Review of "Naturally Better" by Kristen Morrison

I recently received an ebook copy of the book Naturally Better Dramatically Improve Your Child's Life, Naturally by Kristen Morrison.  

The book was written by a mother.  But not just any old mother, a mother of a young son with Downs Syndrome.  It is their story about coming to terms with Down syndrome and the courses of action she and her family have taken to give this little boy the best possible life, Naturally.

Even though my children do not have Down syndrome, I found this book to be very interesting and actually quite eye opening.  I have always been a fan of homeopathy and natural remedies; but, often slip into the habit of running to the drug store for a bottle of Advil or other name brand product.  After reading Kristen's book and learning more about the benefit of homeopathic remedies and the harm that every day drugs can do, I've decided to use homeopathic drugs as often as I can.  
I've actually used homeopathic remedies such as Camilia for teething, Coryzalia as a decongestant and Stodal for cough relief on the twins and Pickle; but, I digress.

I was completely moved by the author's dedication to her son and her family.  Her positive attitude and determination to give her son the best possible life is truly inspiring.  I love the personal notations from her diary that are included throughout the book.  While the book gives a generalized account of their life during the first few years, the diary entries seem to make it more personal somehow.  

I also found it very helpful to visually see the changes in Gryffin that are mentioned in throughout the book.  For me, seeing is believing and it is astounding to look at the photographs included in the book and actually see what a change living naturally has made in this young boy's life.

Kristen Morrison and her family are incredible for sharing their story and their successes.  I highly recommend you read Naturally Better and learn for yourself how you can "naturally" raise your children; and yourself!

To Kristen Morrison and her family, you are truly remarkable and I wish you continued success in your treatments with Gryffin and in life.

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