Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Unexpected Visitor

I've had a very interesting morning so far today.  As I was feeding Pickle just before her morning nap, I looked out in the backyard to find an unfamiliar dog.

It's probably worth mentioning that I'm in a new survey and many of us don't have fences so I'm pretty familiar with most of the dogs in the immediate area.

I watched as I continued to feed Pickle and the dog went visiting.  First to my next door neighbours and then to the 2 neighbours behind me.  None of them seem to recognize the poor dog either.  When I finished with Pickle I went out into the yard to see if the dog had tags as I could see that she had a collar.  Sadly, this very sweet girl did not have tags; but, she was so happy to see me.  It was evident that she had been out for a while as she was panting quite hard.  I ran in the house and got her a bowl of water which she quickly lapped up.  After a refill and some discussion with the other neighbours whom she had visited, I decided the best course of action to was ensure she didn't continue to wander and risk getting hurt.  I grabbed one of Röxi's leashes and looped it around the twins' swing set.  I then put our visitor on the leash with a bowl of water beside her and called the SPCA.

While I really didn't want this poor animal to go to a shelter, I had no way of returning her to her rightful home without knowing where she came from.  I explained I had the stray and she was friendly but without tags.  They advised they would come to get her in about an hours time; but, if for some reason I was able to locate the owner to let them know.

The twins and I went outside to sit with the dog as I felt really guilty about tying her up.  About 30 minutes later,  I heard it.  The faint cry of a single name in the distance.  I listened again and ascertained that it was coming from the streets behind me.  I quickly ran through the yard of my backyard neighbour onto their street to see a young boy, aged 8 or 9, on a bike with a leash around his hand.  I quickly asked if he was looking for a dog.  He exclaimed quite frantically "YES!!!"  I then told him I had a dog in my yard and he followed me to her.  When he realized that the dog I had was in fact the one he was looking for, he got teary.  Of course, for a boy his age, he quickly tried to hide it even though the cracking of his voice gave it away.

Apparently Scout, the dog in question, had gotten out of the yard early this morning and they had been looking for her everywhere.  He was very thankful that I had taken the liberty of tying her up so she couldn't get any further or worse, hurt.  After several heartfelt thank you's a boy and his dog returned home.

I am very happy that Scout found her rightful home and didn't have to make a horrific trip to the SPCA.  I'm sure it would it would have been a traumatic experience for her.

Just a friendly reminder to ensure you have a tag on your pets with a number to reach you should the need arise.


  1. So glad that you found the dogs owner! Poor thing.
    Thanks for stopping by today! Of course you can do the 365! It is a lot of work, but so much fun:)

  2. Thanks for the okay to start the 365. I think I may start Sept 1. It'll give me a chance to prepare and get in the right mind frame to start.

  3. Oh, this story made my heart happy! I'm so glad it had a happy ending! You're such a kind person for taking care of her and thank goodness she didn't end up having to go to SPCA!