Saturday, August 28, 2010

With a Cherry on Top!

Woo Hoo!  I was just presented with another blog award:

As with any other blog award, there are rules to be followed:

1.  Thank the person who awarded you this magnificent award

A super huge thank you to Dawn over at Mom-a-Logues.  When you're done reading here, pop on over to say "hi" and tell her I sent you!

2.  Copy the award and paste it in your blog.


3.  List 3 things you love about yourself.  

This is a tough one.  I think it's human nature to find faults with ourselves much easier.  So after much thought, I've come up with this:

  • I like that I'm calm under pressure
  • I like that I volunteer at the twins' school and in Guiding
  • I like my eyes (silly, I know)
4.  Post a picture that you love.

Trevor took this picture of Brodie while we were camping at Rockwood last summer.  I love how it appears he looking out over the water reflecting on life.  So serene.

5.  Pass this award on to 5 of the sweetest bloggers and Share the Love.


  1. Congrats! You deserve many awards!

  2. congrats on the award and THANK you soooo much for passing it on to me.