Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes, I am a Geek!

I am so excited!  For the past week I have been trying to get the new iPhone 4.  Every morning I would get up, dressed and head out to our local Rogers store for about 8:00 am.  The store doesn't open until 9:00 am; but, I wanted to make sure I was there when in opened on the off chance they had the hard-to-come-by phone in stock.

Every morning for the past week I have been told "it was supposed to come in today; but, it didn't.  Should be here tomorrow".  I was starting to get frustrated.  I mean it really shouldn't be this hard to get a cell phone.  I waited this morning until after the shipment arrived and verified once again that "no, the iPhone 4 didn't come in".  I was all set to give up until tomorrow when my husband read online that the Wireless Etc kiosks in Costco might have them.

So I began making phone calls, and he was right.  Our two local Costco's had gotten them in that morning and were already sold out.  This prompted me to wonder if the Rogers store was getting a shipment after all.  I call them to find out and learn that yes, they did get a shipment of 8 phones in; but, they were already sold out.  GRRRRR.

I tried calling the Rogers store at our mall and the line was busy.  I gave up and told Mr. Twingle I was going to the mall on the off chance that they still had some.  The whole way to the mall my heart was racing.  I couldn't believe I missed the phones at the store I had been going to every morning.  It was just my luck.  I cursed under my breathe and began bracing myself for the distinct possibility that this store was already sold out too.

I get to the store in the mall and there is a line up of 4 people ahead of me.  But, I notice the sign saying that iPhone 4 is temporarily sold out is not up; this is a good sign, I think.  The gentleman at the front of the line moves forward and, sure enough, asks for an iPhone 4.  They still have some!  Yippee!  The next 3 people move up and lucky for me, none of them are there for iPhones.  It's finally my turn and I ask if they have any left as I need 2 (had to get one for hubby too)?  Guess what?  I get the 2 last 16GB iPhone 4's!  WooHoo!  I have never been so happy in my life!  As it turns out, they only had 1 phone left after me and then they would be sold out again for the next week.  I was told by my service agent, that it only took 30 minutes for the 13 phones they got in to sell out.

So, yes, I am a huge GEEK for stalking the Rogers store all week for a phone.  But, I am so happy I won't have to do it again :P

Yes, I took these with my iPhone 4!


  1. Yay on the iPhone!

    I can't believe it took that long to get the necklace! I'm glad you got it though.

  2. Go you!! That's awesome! What a great feeling to FINALLY get it...especially after all that stalking - LOL! I had to laugh at that one. :-) Thank you so much for your SUPER sweet comment on my blog! Great to e-meet you! Have a wonderful week. ;-)

  3. I love getting new phones!! But sorry to say, I'm a Droid girl!! haha! Thanks for following, I am following you too! :)