Saturday, September 25, 2010

Certainties in the Fall

Since becoming a mom I've realized that there are certainties in life; in fact there are certainties in the seasons.  Things that are inevitable and will happen in only a matter of time.

Once such certainty I've realized, is that back to school in the fall means sickness.  After a summer outdoors, being cooped up in a classroom wrecks havoc on the immune system.  Even though the twins have only been in school for 3 years, each Fall they bring home some sort of virus.  I've been expecting it and have prepared by purchasing extra boxes of tissue and homeopathic decongestants and cough syrups.  

What I didn't bargain on, was tonsillitis.  Pretty started developing what I thought was the typical cold on Thursday.  But the poor thing woke up this morning with a temperature of 102.7 and complaining of a sore throat.  You could even hear the difference in her voice and that she was straining.  

Off to the walk-in clinic we went.  Fortunately, our family doctor happened to be the doctor in the clinic and he was able to tell right away that Pretty has tonsillitis.  He said that the fever, swollen glands and white spots were tell tale signs.  He wrote us a prescription and sent us on our way; not before warning us though that she is HIGHLY contagious for two days after she begins taking the antibiotics.   So that means, no Church tomorrow and no school on Monday.  But that also means, I have to be extra diligent at keeping her away from Pickle and Boo.  Without a drug plan, one prescription is expensive; but, three will blow our monthly budget!  

Oh, and one more certainty?  Mommy always gets whatever the kids bring home :c\  I can feel a sore throat starting and I'm hoping that a salt-water gargle will keep it from developing into anything more serious.

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