Friday, September 3, 2010

Long Weekend, Wahoo!

It's the Labour Day long weekend, wahoo!  As a child I dreaded this weekend.  It meant the summer was over and school would be starting up again.  I loved school; but, I hated the idea of giving up my summer vacation.  I guess you can't have it both ways though.

As an adult, this long weekend still means the "unofficial end" of summer; but, it represents so much more.  It symbolizes the start of the fall season and of new beginnings.  I get to watch the twins take on another school year, a little bit older and a little bit wiser.  I get to watch them blossom and fill up with knowledge and it makes me so proud to watch them develop into the people they are becoming.

I try to make this long weekend extra special for the kids; something to look forward to rather than dread like I did.  The twins return from a week long stay at Nana and Papa's today.  Tomorrow, I have a surprise playdate with their BFF planned and Sunday we'll go "back to school" shopping for the very few items they actually need.  They have also been asking to go to Marineland so I might just sneak that in too.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend with your families.  For those of you with children heading back to school, I hope it all goes smoothly and the kids have a great first week back.

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