Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cranky Baby = Cranky Mommy

What a DAY!  My always happy little girl has been MISERABLE today.  Nothing cheers her up.  I've tried playing with her, reading to her, giving her snacks, meals, naps, walks, trips to the park and a slide or two while picking up the twins and nothing has made her happy.

Oh, she'll stop screaming at me for a few minutes here and there; but, for the most part today has been spent with her yelling at me.  

It's also only going to get worse as Boo has Beavers tonight until 7:45, almost a full hour past Pickle's bedtime.  With Mr. Twingle travelling, that means I have to keep her up in order to pick Boo up at the end of the meeting.  Pickle is going to be even crabbier not being able to go to bed at her regular time.

Today has been a day that has made me truly appreciate how lucky I have been with all three of my children.  I have not had a baby that suffered from colic, nor have I had high-maintenance babies.  All three kids have been relatively easy going.  They haven't cried or fussed a lot unless something was plaguing them.  So for all you mothers out there that have had difficult babies, I sympathize and empathize completely.  I also take off my hat to you.  I am barely surviving one day, and can't wait for bedtime.  I don't know how you ladies put up with it for several days on end.  

Tomorrow will be better, right?


  1. tomorrow will be better! We all have days like that!

  2. Those days, oh boy. Just look forward to a better tomorrow. I am now following your blog from Bloggy moms:-)