Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Camp with the Girl Guides

Girls and women around the world are often members of Girl Guides/Scouts at some point in their life.  As the largest organization for girls led by women in the world, Girl Guides/Scouts provides unique opportunities for its members.

As a girl member myself, I loved to go to camp.  There was nothing better than being in a tent with my friends being silly.  Trading stickers and jelly bracelets, talking boys or about the latest on the music scene are just some of my fond memories.

I also loved the hikes, the crafts and the various activities.  Of course, the campfire itself always held a magical draw for me too.

Now, as an adult member, many of those memories are true today.  The sisterhood of Guiding never really goes away.  While I'm not sitting in my tent being silly and talking boys, I enjoy listening to the girls do just that.  I enjoy the company of my fellow Guiders as we sit around the fire sipping on hot chocolate or apple cider making good conversation.

This past weekend, my Guide unit had it's first Fall camp.  We have a very small group of girls this year, just three; but, I was happy to have them all come out.

We totally lucked out in the weather department.  The evening before our camp, temperatures had dropped below zero with the windchill and I feared it would be a very long, cold night.  Thankfully, Mother Nature, warmed things up a bit making the night cool; but bearable.

Our theme for Friday night was CSI.  The BC Girl Guides have put out a CSI challenge and we did may of the activities in order to earn their crest; but, we were able to put a spin on things since the other Guider in the unit is a police officer and was able to bring out actual forensics kits for us to use!

After our CSI activities and some silly songs we had Mug Up and made s'mores, hot dogs and hot chocolate over the fire.  YUM.  Surprisingly, the girls went to bed at a decent hour and we were able to get a somewhat good sleep; well, until the planes started coming in at 4:00am.  We were directly under their flight path, so sleeping in a tent about 300ft below them, is enough to wake anyone out of the deepest sleep!

The girls were up and ready to go by 7:30 and we got breakfast going: pancakes and sausages cooked over the campfire with fruit salad on the side.  We finished eating and clean up and went on a hike to complete our wildflower badge.  Even in the fall, the girls were able to identify three wildflowers and find edible wildflowers!

We finished up the morning with another craft for their camp hat and daylight taps.  Even though it was a short, one night camp, it was a great way to start another Guiding year.  The girls are already asking when we're going on our next camp!

I love being able to see the excitement on the girls faces when we tell them we're already working on plans for the next one!

There is nothing better than being the one to help these girls obtain memories like those I have had growing up.  Guiding/Scouting is truly a remarkable movement and one I'm proud to be part of!

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