Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sigh...'s a beautiful fall day here in Southern Ontario.  The past three or four days have been cold and rainy so the sun and the warmer seasonal temperatures are a welcome treat.

So why do I feel so glum?  I'm stuck inside cleaning today.  You might ask why I'm cleaning on such a gorgeous day, why not clean tomorrow and enjoy the weather?  Well, simply because this week, starting this evening turns into mayhem.

Pretty and I have our weekly Sparks meeting tonight until 6:30.  Then I need to rush home to get the kids to bed before hosting the Momstown Hamilton bake exchange; which I'm VERY excited about.  Tomorrow will be spent running around getting last minute preparations for Saturday; Pickle's first birthday party.  We are expecting at least 15 people with 7 others as "maybe's".  Of course, this is also the holiday Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so Sunday I'm hosting my family for dinner and then Monday we're off to Trevor's family for dinner there.

So that is why I am sighing in envy as I watch families out my window taking advantage of this gorgeous day as I wait for my floors to dry so I can continue cleaning!

Thanks for letting me vent and if I don't get around to it, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.

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