Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Small Successes

The twins are in Grade 1 this year and they have some sort of homework every Friday and they have until the following Thursday to send it back complete.  Pretty is very diligent about doing her homework the night it comes home; but, getting Booto do his homework is like pulling teeth.

He would much rather go down to the playroom or go outside and play.  While I'm all for going outside and enjoying the few nice days we have left before winter sets in, homework is important and needs to be done.  Not only that; but, with extracurriculars 3 nights a week (I do Guides Tuesday, Boo does Beavers Wednesday and Pretty & I do Sparks Thursday), there isn't time to do homework after dinner.

Growing up, I always had the rule that homework had to be done when you got home and then other activities and amusements could be done.  I never really understood as a kid myself; but, now as a parent I get why that rule was applied and it's one I will be applying to my family.

Last week, Boo refused to do his homework and so I sent it back to school incomplete hoping the teacher would talk to Boo about it.  She didn't talk to him; but, it got sent home again with this weeks homework.  So now, Boo has two weeks worth of work to accomplish, thus double the time it should take.

On the way home from school today I explained that homework books were due back tomorrow and they had to finish anything that wasn't done.  Naturally, Boo argued again; but, I stayed firm and we just finished all the work he hadn't wanted to do!  I'm so proud that he got through it and didn't put up a fuss.  We even got it done with enough time left that he's now outside playing until dinner and then he's off to Beavers!

It's a small success; but, it feels good to know that he can do it and I can win the battles I wage!


  1. My daughter is in 1st & she gets homework almost every night (except Friday woohoo!). We do what your parents (and mine) did - homework gets done as soon as she gets home from school - that way she has the rest of the night to enjoy herself without any worries!

    It's gone good so far, but I'm thinking once it takes longer than 10 minutes it's going to be an issue!

    Glad to hear it went well for you too! =)

  2. My first grader has nightly homework, and most of the time it gets done right after school. I really have mixed feeling about homework. The kids spend so much of their day at school, it is nearly 4 when we get home, then dinner and whatever activities we have, there is not much time left to just be a kid...especially if the homework takes a long time due to dawdling or just the length of assignment.If it is actual meaningful practice I am OK with it, but if it is just homework to have an assignment, it bugs me.

  3. I'm with you Pam. I don't necessarily think homework is pointless; but, it shouldn't be taking more than about 10 minutes at home. We were told that any homework the twins go wouldn't take more than 10 min; but their last assignment, took 2 days to complete because it was so involved. I wasn't overly impressed and hubby can't help since he doesn't speak French.