Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Random Rant...

When the twins were in JK two years ago, a new student moved to town and joined their class about 1/3 of the way though the year.  Pretty and the new girl have become BFF's and want to do everything together; which is great.

EXCEPT, this child drives me crazy.  She is an only child and her parents separated two years ago (the reason for the move), so I understand she's adapting and probably acting out as a result of what's going on at home.  However, she has a blatant disrespect for authority.  She has had letters home from school about her behaviour (I have become friends with her mom through the girls); and on several occasions when she has been a guest in our home, she has deliberately gone against my wishes and done what she wanted to instead.

Today, was just another example of this when Pretty came home with her new umbrella broken because this child had deliberately stepped on it bending the spokes.  Her reasoning?  Pretty wouldn't let her hold it.  Seriously, kid?  Of course, now I'm in an awkward situation because I am friends with her mom; but, I have a very good mind to ask her to purchase a new umbrella for Pretty.  I mean, her kid throws a temper tantrum and deliberately breaks my kid's umbrella...so NOT cool!  

Gah!  Some days I really wish Pretty was not friends with this girl; but, she does have her sweet moments and like I said, likely has issues as a result of her parents separating.  But still does she have to deliberately wreck my kids things and not take responsibility for it?  

Thanks for listening to me rant.  That is all.

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