Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saved by a Time Machine!

Let me begin with a brief history.

I have only been a Mac user since September 2007.  Prior to my iMac purchase I was a PC user.  I would never have even considered going Mac until my husband got his MacBook Pro and showed me just how wonderful Macs could be.  I was quite happy on my PC despite the numerous viruses, crashes and freezing until it happened...the crash to end all crashes.  In the middle of working one evening the computer shut down and wouldn't restart.  We tried everything to get the computer to reboot and were unsuccessful.  The worst part was I had recently dumped all our photos of the twins onto the PC and didn't yet have a back up of all of them.  We took the PC to a data recovery specialist hoping they would be able to find our photos and any other files; but, despite their efforts, they couldn't recover anything.  I was devastated to have lost those precious memories of the twins' milestones.  Things like crawling, trying solids and more have been lost forever.

Fast forward to this week.  I decided it was time to clean up my Pictures folder and free up some space on the hard drive.  I have a lot of clip art images I downloaded for one-time use that I could get rid of and not worry.  I guess I got a little too over zealous in my cleaning as I accidentally deleted my iPhoto Library folder!  Picture me freaking out that I was stupid enough to have done that and I've lost all our photos from 2007 to present.

That's when I remembered Time Machine!  I have an external hard drive and run regular scheduled backups through Time Machine.  I quickly found the most recent back up; which is November 2, and restored the file.  Unfortunately, I did lose a month's worth of photos; but, I'm okay with that as I didn't lose them all!

My precious memories have been located and I'm now in the process of freeing up space on my external drive so it can run a full backup and I won't lose any more photos.


  1. okay... so you need to tell me how to get my time machine set up... yes I know #mybad but I am so new to this whole mac thing!!!! Yes, we need to meet IRL so we can scrapbook, twin + 1 talk and Mac help outish... yeah I made that last word up!! Amk

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower coming over from Bloggy Moms! Nice to meet you :)