Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well That Sucks...

As those of you that follow my blog know, I had started the project 365 a while ago and failed miserably at it.  Taking a photo every day turned out much more difficult than I had anticipated.  

I called it quits and decided that I would put forth a renewed effort starting January 1, 2011.  It seems my plan has hit a small snafu.  On Boxing Day during Christmas v2.0, I was in the process of getting ready to take pictures when the baby decided to put tape and wrapping paper in her mouth.  I lurched to get the paper out and dropped the camera, lens down, in the process.  

My poor little camera now has a lens that is extended; but has been jilted so one side is in while the other remains out :(

I guess the upside is that it was only a point and shoot camera and not an expensive SLR; but, it's still not in our budget to replace at the present time.

So, I'm still going to try to do the 365 challenge starting Jan 1; I'll just have to use my phone to take the pictures.

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