Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up

I breathe a sigh of relief as I finally get a moment to sit back and reflect on the past two weeks of holiday hustle and bustle.

We've had a very full and enjoyable two weeks.  Wrapping it all up New Year's day with a brunch.  For about eight years now, we've gotten together with Mr. Twingle's former work colleagues turned friends for a New Year's day brunch.  We rotate houses and brunch is always pot luck.  It was especially wonderful this year as we were able to get everyone together.  The past two or three years, at least one of the families couldn't make it.  It was a first chance for some to meet Pickle and it was our first chance to meet the newest member of the NYB (New Year's Brunch) gang, little Joshua who was only two months old. Our brunch lasted well into the evening hours; bellies were full and laughter was shared.

I do love the holidays and all they represent; but, it's nice to have life back to normal again.  If not for myself, then definitely for the kids who have had more than enough excitement to last a while.

The twins started back to school after Christmas break yesterday.  They were excited to get back and see their friends.  And, while I don't think they'd actually admit it; I think they like the structure the school day gives them.

Mr. T and I were able to get out with Pickle and do some much needed grocery shopping.  I've got to tell you, as much as I love the twins, it's really great when I don't have to shop with them.  I don't feel rushed and I definitely don't have to listen to whining if I say they can't have some sugary treat they just "have to get".

I started taking down the Christmas decorations last night.  I still have the tree to take down, which I'll likely do this afternoon while the baby naps.

I'm not sure which takes longer, decorating for the holidays or packing it all up?

It almost reminds me of being single.  You know, when it took you forever to get ready for a date.  The anticipation building as you ever so carefully decide what to wear, painstakingly put on your makeup and  do your hair.  Then you go out with said date (presumably have a good time) and return home to de-glamify yourself in a matter of minutes.

The analogy just sums up the whole holiday season, don't you think?  A lot of work, a lot of anticipation and when it's over it just leaves you wanting.  Wanting what?  I'm not entirely sure myself; but, I will say this: there are only three-hundred fifty-five (355) sleeps 'till Christmas!


  1. i'm so dreading taking down my christmas tree. lol

  2. I know. I don't want to take it down; but, it's just too enticing for the baby. She keeps trying to pull ornaments off of it even though we put a gate up around it. It's just a matter of time before she gets a good pull and the whole thing falls over on her; so better to be safe than sorry.