Sunday, February 27, 2011

Call Me "Handy Woman"

Not long ago, I let the dog outside as we normally do and closed the door so she could do her business.

Afterwards, Pretty tried to open the door; but, couldn't.  Boo tried too and again no luck.  They called to me in a panic because the dog was stuck outside and they couldn't get the door open.

I figure, the door got locked and they just don't realize it.  Yet when I try to open the door the handle just spins, not catching the pin to pull the latch and open the door.

Boo goes outside to the dog run and climbs the fence to open the door from the outside; and it works.  So I think "what the devil is going on?".

I ransack Mr. Twingle's work bench and find a long necked screwdriver to take the handle apart.  Upon inspection it appears the pin got pushed in somehow causing the handle to just spin.  Not really sure how or why this happened though.  I pulled the pin back into place and refit the handle and voilĂ , we can now open the door from both directions again!

Yep, just call me the "Handy Woman"!

This whole ordeal has got me wondering about other women and moms.  Are you able to fix things around the house, or do you rely on your male partners to do all the work?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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