Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Do You "Valentine's Day"?

Mr. Twingle and I have been together for fourteen years, even though we've only married for seven of those.  Yet in those fourteen years, we have only had one Valentine's Day together.  Since he travels so much with work, he is often on the road or in another country when the day of love rolls around.  Thus, Valentine's Day really has no meaning for us.

Now call me a hopeless romantic; but, I like Valentine's Day.  Yes, the greeting card companies have taken the idea of the day to new heights; but, the sentiment is still the same.  It's a day to go above and beyond to show that special someone how much they mean to you.  That doesn't however mean you need to go out and break the bank in doing so.  Yes, I would love to get roses from Mr. Twingle on Valentine's Day; but, if he were to drop that kind of dough on a bouquet of flowers I'd clobber him!

As I was making cards for the twins to hand out to their classmates, I got to wondering about Valentine's Day with your kids.  What do you do to make the day special?  Do you buy your children something, becoming party to the commercialism or o you do something else?

Here are a few ideas on how I plan to make this Valentine's Day special for my family, without spending money:

  • make them a Valentine's Day card from existing craft supplies around the house
  • cook them heart shaped pancakes or eggs for breakfast
  • cut their lunch sandwiches into heart shapes
  • send a "love note" in their lunchbox
  • above all else, tell them "I LOVE YOU"
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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