Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!!!

I think it's hilarious that last week's Five Question Friday asked about Snow Days and today, we have one!

In Southern Ontario we have been under a blizzard warning since yesterday afternoon.  We woke this morning to find the swing and tire swing on our play set almost completely buried in the snow.

Of course the twins could NOT wait to get outside and play despite the frigid temperatures.  We held them off until just a few minutes ago.  Mr. Twingle got them all bundled up so they could enjoy the fresh flakes.  Then he got himself dressed so he could play too, LOL!

It's much too cold outside today for the baby, so I'm indoors with her; but it looks like my three big kids are having fun.

I hope those of you home on this Snow Day are enjoying quality family time and taking advantage of the day off.

Stay warm.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of snow and everyone looks like their having fun!

  2. Yeah, we got about 25cm yesterday and overnight. We're still getting snow now; but will likely only see another 5cm.

    The kids are already in bed as they were out most of the day and are now exhausted.