Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing Girls

I stumbled across a website the other day and I wanted to share it all with you.  The site is for KKL Bracelets.  It wasn't really the bracelets that caught my attention, it was the story behind them.

You see, KKL Bracelets are made by three girls, aged 13, 12 and 9.  It all began when the eldest approached her father wanting to do something online.  Not sure what she wanted to do, they held a family meeting of sorts to brainstorm what they could do.  The other two girls decided they wanted to be part of the venture and so it was eventually decided that whatever they would do, would involve a charity.

From their mother, Deanna:  "I don't even recall how they decided on making bracelets as I was hesitant about everything, concerned that they may not sell anything with the economy being as it is and all the charities already in existance.  They have been proving me wrong ever since.  We are using this as an opportunity to not only help the hospital but teach the girls everything envolved in planning and managing a "business".  They each have a role to play from updating the financial and inventory books, working on the websites, packaging the bracelets once purchased and mailing them.  The girls make the bracelets and will be in the community more actively selling them once the weather turns a bit nicer.  KKL Bracelets is the first initial of each of their names, it really is their charity with my husband and I helping spread the word."

When asked why the family decided to help Sick Kids Hospital, Deanna replied "Even though our kids have never had to walk through the doors of the hospital, they have a friend who has had to on a frequent basis... she is now 8 years old and had cancer.  She was diagnosed about 3 years ago and during that time the girls were with her at her house after several of her treatments, ignoring the fact that she had lost all of her hair, might rest inbetween turns on wii or even vomit and just saw her as the beautiful fun girl she is.  The girls also have had exposure to children with special needs children and who access HSC through me.  Both my husband and I work at an agency with group homes for children with a variety of diagnoses such as autism, PDD, Epilepsy, global developmental delay, tourettes, downs syndrome and the list goes on.  Most of the kids I have worked with through the years, and that the girls have gotten to know and love, have no verbal communication skills, utilizing picture symbols and relying on staff support for life skill / self care skill development."  

KKL Bracelets make three different Women's bracelets and one for Men.  The three women's bracelets cost $15 each and the men's is $20.00.  From each bracelet sale, $5.00 goes to Sick Kids Hosptial.

My personal favourite is the Tiger Eye & Black Onyx Charity Bracelet

In addition to school and their business, the girls are also your typical, everyday girls.  They are, or have been, involved with Girl Guides of Canada, choir, gymnastics, art classes and ukelele club.  

It's rare and inspiring to find three young ladies with such divine aspirations.  But these three young ladies are just that.  They are angels from above and are truly amazing.  

I'm certain that everyone at Sick Kids Hospital thanks you for your generous work.

Well done girls, well done!

You can find KKL bracelets online at their website and on twitter

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