Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Question Friday

Wow, it's Friday already?  It feels like this week has gone by in a blur; but, that's likely because it has.

Last Friday morning I went in to get Pickle only to find she had thrown up in her crib, twice.  Of course, Mr. Twingle was out of town which makes dealing with it all that much more difficult.  I had to bath Pickle, because she had obviously been laying down when it happened and her hair was covered.  Bathing the baby was NOT on the list of things to do in the morning routine.  I hurry to get her dried and dressed then rush downstairs to make breakfast and pack lunches for the twins and then drive them to school.  Pickle vomits three times on the drive to and from the school.  Once home, her bed sheets, pajamas, coat and beloved Piglet all go in the wash.  I try giving her some water to keep her hydrated; but, it just comes back up.

All day long, whatever went in, came out.  I called Telehealth Ontario to see if they had any suggestions; but, they too didn't work.

Saturday rolled around and by 3:00pm she had only had one (1) wet diaper, so again I called Telehealth for fear of Pickle being dehydrated.  Turns out my fears were valid and at 6:00pm we were off to McMaster University Children's Hospital ER.  Six (6) hours later and 500 mL of electrolytes later, we were able to go home.  It has really only been yesterday and today that Pickle is back to normal.  She is still having some bowel issues; but, that's to be expected with any kind of stomach bug.

Oh, and did I mention that I felt "off" the whole time.  I think I had a bit of the bug myself; but, not to the full extent that Pickle got it.  So dealing with a sick toddler, two 6 year olds all while unwell myself has left me exhausted.

I'm ready for a new week to begin and I'm starting it off with Five Question Friday!  Why not hop over to My Little Life to play along and link up too?

1.  Do you know what your REAL hair colour is?
I'm a dark, dirty dishwater, ugly, mousy blonde.  Thankfully, I haven't actually been that colour in a long time.  I'm currently a dark mahogany with copper highlights.

2.  Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?
For the most part, I fly by the seat of my pants.  The only real plans I make are to go camping.  But even those plans are usually left to last minute as it all depends on Mr. Twingle's schedule.

3.  What is your favourite meal to cook?
I love to make chicken fajitas.  The colours and aromas are divine.  Not to mention that they taste good too!

4.  Do you get offended by not receiving thank-you's?
No, not really.  I mean I do things for others regardless.  A thank you at the end is definitely nice; but, I'm not going to get my pee hot over it if I don't get one :P

5.  How did you meet your best friend?
My "oldest" best friend and I have known each other since I was eight months old, she was sixteen months.  Our families were good friends and we grew up together.  We've maintained that friendship and I'm proud to say we've been friends for thirty plus years.

My "bestie" and I met in Jr. High; but, we didn't really become BFF's until high school when we reconnected in the school band.

I love my best girls and I don't know what I'd do without them.  Thanks ladies for always being there (HUGS)


Now it's your turn!

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