Saturday, March 26, 2011


I wrote a few weeks ago about my parents and their dog, Sadie, and her deteriorating health.  Sadly, last week, Sadie's short life came to an end.

The loss of a pet is never easy and my heart goes out to my parents who are grieving.  Their loss has made me realize how much my own furbabies mean to me.

Our oldest furbaby is our cat, Meeka.  She turned eight on March 5 and she is a Siamese/Angora cross.  Meeka is special as she is my first cat.  My mom is allergic to cats and so I never had one growing up even though I really wanted one.  When Mr. Twingle and I started dating, he had two cats and I loved to play with them, when they were in the mood!
For my 25th birthday, Mr. Twingle got me a litter box, food dish and collar and told me I could get a kitten.  This was a big deal since we weren't yet living together and the cat would be living at his parents' home.  Finally about six months later, I went to see a litter of kittens and found Meeka.  I'm not quite sure what drew me to her.  Maybe it was the fact that she was trying to get away, while her brothers and sisters were all clamouring for my attention.  Or maybe it was the white rings on the tip of her black tail.  Either way, I picked her and promptly headed to the nearest pet store to get her some food and litter to go in that box that sat waiting at home!
Meeka has always been feisty.  I think that's the Siamese in her.  If she wants something, or doesn't like something she lets you know.  I also think she's bi-polar because she could be purring and rubbing against you one second and turning to hiss and swipe at you the next.
Yet, despite this she is super tolerant of the kids.  Pretty picks her up and carries her around like a doll any time she can and for the most part Meeka just goes along with it.  The times she doesn't want to be bothered, she'll let off a growl and Pretty knows to leave her alone.
Regardless of how psycho she may be on any given day, I love her to bits and wouldn't trade her for the world.
A sleepy Meeka Christmas morning

Our other furbaby is Röxi.  She is a 2.5 year old Lab/Shepherd cross.  Röxi is the BIGGEST suck of a dog.  She's tiny for her breed and she loves to curl up in your lap to cuddle.  It's probably a good thing she only weighs about 35lbs and not what a Lab or a Shepherd normally weight.
Röxi was chosen for our family about four months after losing our previous dog.  We were ready for another canine to love and adore and we found a family with a litter of pups and went to visit.  
The twins instantly decided on Röxi and we brought her home the following day.  Röxi has the best temperament.  She is still very much a puppy and adores the kids.  They are her buddies and wherever they go, she goes.  Of course, at night she sleeps with me 'cause she's my baby.  I can't imagine life without Röxi.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.
Posing for a picture.

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