Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain Gutters for Bookshelves?

We all know rain gutters have a purpose and do their job on the exteriors of our homes.  So if I were to tell you that I have re-purposed rain gutters and they are going to be used inside, what would you think?

Crazy, right?

That's exactly what I thought when I first heard about using rain gutters for shelving.  After some reading online, Mr. Twingle and I decided to give it a shot.  The twingles have LOTS of reading material that is often scattered haphazard around their bedrooms.  These shelves seemed like the perfect solution.  They would provide enough space to neatly put their books; but, they aren't cumbersome and won't stick out far from the wall.  This was a huge selling feature for me as I remember catching apendiges on the corner of my own bookshelves growing up and it hurt like hell.

One fine day over March Break, we set out for Lowe's to purchase the necessary supplies.  The twins couldn't wait to help.

We picked white vinyl gutters as we figured they'd be more versatile and would match whatever paint changes may occur in the rooms over the years.  The gutters come in 10ft lengths and so we decided that we would use a variety of 5ft and 2.5ft shelves for their rooms.

Mr. Twingle measured off the lengths and cut them on a table saw; but, a hack saw would have done the job.  We then had the twins use the air compressor to blow off the little bits of vinyl before bringing them into the house.

Each of the twins took turns showing us where in their rooms they wanted their shelves.  The helped use a stud sensor to mark the studs and then helped use the level to ensure they were straight.  Of course, they couldn't wait to start organizing their books once finished.

Overall, the project was simple and quick to do.  We had fun creating the shelves as a family and spent quality time together.  

However, if you're looking for affordable shelving, this isn't the way to go.  While the gutters themselves are relatively inexpensive, the clips and end caps are pricey!