Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad News

My parents dog, Sadie, a beautiful golden retriever just turned four last month.

About a week ago, my parents noticed that Sadie's belly looked swollen.  I saw her last weekend and agreed that she looked puffy and suggested they take her to the vet to get checked out.

A week Tuesday, they had a bunch of lab work done up and the vet was pretty sure there were liver issues; but, ordered an ultrasound to be certain.  In the meanwhile, Sadie was given some penicillan to try and help with things.

Fast forward to today.

I just got off the phone with my Dad and things don't look good.  Sadie has liver disease, or sorosis of the liver.  Unfortunately, it's not treatable.  The vet can give her some medication to make her more comfortable; but, my parents are going to lose their fur baby.

The vet wouldn't give a timeline as he has no way of really knowing.  He did tell my parents that he's seen cases that only lasted a couple of weeks and others that lived as long as a year.  Basically, she will stop eating and things will then go down hill from there.

I feel horrible.  While Sadie was never really, my dog, she's still part of the family.  My fur baby, Röxi, and Sadie are best friends (they're only a year apart in age).  And Sadie was the first puppy the twins got to grow with.
Not just that, my parents were dealt a devastating blow prior to getting Sadie.  Our family dog, Val, a smart and very cute boarder collie passed suddenly at the age of nine due to a brain aneurism.  We had all gone out to a sporting event and my parents came home to find her, gone.  Of course, they suffered from grief and guilt; but, there was no way of knowing that her passing was going to happen.  It took quite some time for them to be ready to get another dog, so for this to now happen, well it's just not fair.

We will miss Sadie when she's gone and I hope that she doesn't suffer too much.

 Sadie, age 3

Sadie with Röxi, wrestling

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  1. I'm so sorry! 4 years old is way too young. It's hard to know how awful it feels unless you're a dog owner too ... I understand completely.