Sunday, April 3, 2011

How My Kids Made Me Cry

The past few weeks have been very trying to say the least.  We've been battling illnesses since before Christmas so I've been run down and exhausted.

To top that all off, the twins have been in fine form as of late.  Attitude worthy of a sixteen (16) year old; inability to listen, disrespectful and the list goes on.

They have a playroom in the basement.  It's a good size room and houses most of the toys they own.  From full-on mess mode, the room takes a good 2 hours to clean up, there are just that many toys.  Ironically, it only takes the twins about 3.2 seconds to make it seem like a bomb went off in the room.  And that was exactly the state of the playroom for the past week.  In fact, it was so bad and they refused to listen or clean it up; that Mr. Twingle and I laid down the law and banned them from the basement for seven (7) days.  They were told at the end of the week, they still had to clean it up or they would be banned for another week.

Today was day seven (7) and the day started off like the day from hell.  I had barely gotten out of bed before Boo and Pretty were at each other's throats about some ridiculous toy or another.  Once they had eaten breakfast I informed them that today was the day they had to clean the playroom.  Of course, this was met with whines and cries of "it's not fair" and "I don't want to clean it, can't you do it?".  They continued to carry on until their BFF called wanting to have a playdate and I firmly said "NO" because they didn't deserve the privilege.  After more tears and "you're mean" "please, Mommy, we'll be good"and more "it's not fair" they decided to clean up the basement.  On any given day that means playing, while watching a movie and doing anything but cleaning.

Which is why I was brought to tears when they came to get me a couple hours later and the room was clean!  It wasn't perfect, or at least, my version of perfect with toys sorted out according to genre, etc.  But it was clean.  There was nothing on the floor, their activity table had chairs set up neatly around it ready to work at, the movies were stacked neatly in the rack and it was wonderful.  After weeks of not listening and  beligerence; they did what I asked and I didn't have to supervise or referee once.

A perfect end to a hellish week.

Here's hoping this week is better.

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