Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings

My apologies for my absence lately.  Life gets incredibly busy this time of year.  

Mr. Twingle was home for a change, which is always wonderful!  We managed to accomplish a few items off the "honey-do" list and spend some quality family time together too.  This holiday weekend was the perfect example of that.  Friday, while Pickle napped, the twins helped Mr. Twingle & I plant three cedars between our house & the neighbours.  A joint effort to try and conceal bulky central air units!  Once the Pickle woke up, we went to the garden centre in search of patio stones and river rock; and also to show the kids the bunnies & chicks on display for the weekend!

We had a delicious BBQ'd beer can chicken for dinner and put Pickle to bed, then the rest of us settled in for family movie night!  We've watched movies together as a family before; but, this time we went all out.  We took the cushions off the couch and placed them on the floor.  We then brought pillows and blankets from our beds down and everyone snuggled together on the floor with popcorn and homemade milk shakes.  Yogi Bear was our movie of choice and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Saturday, found us celebrating Easter with my parents who joined us for a turkey dinner.  We also managed to get the canopy up on the gazebo with my Dad's help and Mom helped me plant some pansies to give the garden some colour until the spring bulbs start coming up.

Yesterday, we ventured out to Mr. Twingle's side of the family for dinner.  His sister was gracious enough to host all of us crazies and served a delectable glazed ham for dinner...YUMMY!  

After such a wonderful weekend with incredible family, I feel truly blessed.  As rough as things might get, you can get through anything when you have families like ours to help you through.

Thanks all, we love you and Happy Easter!

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