Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beat the Heat

Holy moly!  It's smokin' hot in Southern Ontario right now.  Yesterday was 25 degrees Celsius, which isn't that bad...until you factor in what I like to refer to as the "stupidex" (humidex).  It felt like a sticky 35 degrees.

Today is a whole lot hotter at 32, feeling like 42!  I'm all for hot and sunny summer days; but, it's not even June yet!

It's days like today I worry as a parent.  I know how easily a child can get heat stroke.  I'm thankful that we have central air in our home so I can stay indoors with Pickle today and keep her safe from the heat.  Unfortunately, the twins attend a school that doesn't have a/c.  I made sure they were both dressed lightly today in shorts, t-shirts and hats.  I slathered them in sunscreen and sent extra with them so they can reapply.  I packed cool, nutritious lunches and their Klean Kanteens filled to the brim with icy water.  I also made a point of instructing them to drink lots today and sent a note for the teacher requesting they be allowed to keep their Kanteens on their desks today for easy access.

When they get home from school, they're going to want to play in the new sprinkler and that's okay by me.

Hoping you all stay cool and safe from the heat today.

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