Monday, May 2, 2011

My Gorgeous Prize

A few months ago, I entered the momstown contest for a Lovelinx necklace from Riverstone Designs.
The contest requirements were to simply explain why I love momstown so much!  I had actually already done this in a previous blog post since I do adore momstown and the wonderful community and support they provide.
I was notified not too long ago that I had won the necklace.  I worked with Christie and Renee from Riverstone Designs to add the correct images and stamping to the necklace and to ensure the images were just as I wanted them before they printed them.  These ladies were excellent to work with.  They were prompt and efficient in responding to my emails or in sending me messages to clarify information.  They even took the initiative to do a second edit to the photos after the first print when they thought they could be better!  Finally, after only a few short weeks it has arrived!

I have to say, it TOTALLY blew me away.  I mean this necklace is simply stunning and way beyond my expectations!  Don't get me wrong, I knew the necklace would be beautiful based on the images I was sent and from their website; but, seeing it in person...WOW!  It's more than just gorgeous, it's truly a work of art!

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to the wonderful people at Riverstone Designs and to momstown.  You've given me a wonderful, early, Mother's Day gift!

For those of you wondering what to ask for this Mother's Day, tell your families that you'd like a momstown membership and/or a Lovelinx necklace from Riverstone Designs.  Take it from me, you won't be sorry!

(I will post a picture of the gorgeous necklace a little later)

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