Saturday, June 18, 2011


Silly me just realized I totally missed my Blogoversary!  My first blogoversary would have been June 8.

Since I missed it, and today is my birthday I'll make my post...

Happy Blogoversary to Life of a Twingle Gal.  Thank you so much to my readers and friends I've met along the way.  I hope you'll continue to read my random thoughts and adventures.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Question Friday for June 17, 2011

OMG, is anyone else super excited that the weekend is finally here?  It seems like this week has dragged ever so slowly.
I'm ready for two days off from playing chauffeur to the kids and their various activities.  I'm also ready to answer this weeks Five Question Friday from My Little Life.

1.  What is your favourite summer time activity?
I LOVE to camp!
There is nothing better than being outdoors in the fresh air.  Swimming, getting dirty, enjoying a roaring's all good to me!

2.  Do you have one laundry soap you stick to, or do you buy whatever's on sale?
We use Cheer.  I like the light scent and it does the job.
It also helps that I'm allergic to Tide so I can't use that.  And, switching laundry detergents over and over can actually be hard on your machine and clothing.

3.  What is your favourite dinner to make in the summer?
Man, this is going to make me hungry just thinking about it...
...BBQ'd steak, baked potatoes (on the BBQ) and corn on the cob.
I'm wiping my chin here folks...yum!

4.  Do you have any talents?
I'm crafty and I play clarinet.  I guess those are talents.

5.  If you could instantly be an expert in something, what would it be and why?
Hmmm...this is a tough one.
I don't know that I'd even want to be an expert.  Wouldn't that be boring?  Never having the opportunity to better oneself?

Okay, so that's it. Now go link up!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Totally AWESOME Campfire!

This past weekend, I attended Heritage camp with my Sparks and Guides.  This is an annual co-op camp with the Mount Hope Guiding and Scouting units.

The Sparks and Beavers don't stay the weekend, they just come up for the day on Saturday; but, the rest of the groups spend two nights under the stars (or clouds).

Leading up to the camping weekend, the weather had been horrible.  With a wicked storm that actually had Environment Canada investigating if there had been a tornado.  I was worried that we were going to be very wet at camp.  The forecast wasn't all that great on Friday when I went to help the girls set up camp.  In fact, as I was driving to the site, it was spitting and there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms forecast for Saturday.

Friday night turned out to be decent despite the slight chill and dampness in the air.  The rain blew over and when I got up at 1:30am to use the washroom, the sky was clear!  It would have been a perfect time to get my girls to work on their astronomy badge; but, since they were actually asleep (a rarity the first night of camp) I wasn't going to wake them.

Saturday morning arrived and so did the younger kids.  The weather was cool and cloudy; but, again we lucked out and the rain held off...ALL day!

After our days worth of activities, round robin style, we had a delicious dinner and sent the younger kids home.  Mr. Twingle sent me a text later that night letting me know Pretty & Boo had fallen asleep in the van on the way home.  A sure sign that they had fun.

While we cleaned up from dinner the Scouters took the kids on a hike to be greeted by a warm fire when they returned.  We began campfire singing a variety of favourites from the Scouts and Guiding units.  Even after campfire had been "closed", the kids lingered and continued singing.  And here is where the BEST moment ever comes in...

...we divided our campfire circle into two groups and proceeded to do the chant "There Ain't No Flies on Us".  We got pretty loud before ending it and were just about to start a new song when over the din of the generator (we use to light the kitchen tent) we could hear a distant call echoing our song.  A challenge!  We, of course, couldn't pass it up so we yelled back, as loud as we could accepting the challenge.  Back and forth the two groups went in the dark.  When we finally got the generator turned off, we realized just how loud we were and that the other group was getting closer.  We got up from our circle around the fire and charged through the bush to meet them.  There we encountered another Guiding group who had heard our campfire and decided to join in!  It was totally AWESOME!

I've been a Guider for many years, and a girl member for years before that and I have NEVER had such an amazing experience.  It actually gave me goosebumps and I'm sure I'll remember it always.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Lessons Learned Early

The twins had their final school trip of the year today and I was lucky to be selected as one of the parent-volunteers.  I love going on trips with the kids and seeing them learn.

Today's trip was to African Lion Safari.  I love the Safari and have been only a couple times before.  I was extra excited to go today as a refresher of what the park has to offer since I'll be camping there later this year with my Girl Guides.

Our day started off on the chilly side; but, this actually worked to our advantage since all the animals were out and about before it got too hot.  Once we arrived at the park from the school; we immediately boarded the busses through the animal compounds to begin the day.  The twins and their classmates were in total awe of all the animals.  What a great learning experience for them.  I wasn't, however, prepared for the life lesson the grade one children would receive from the lions.  Just as we approached, the male lion got up from where he lay under a tree.  I briefly thought to myself "oh, no, there goes my photo op".  Unfortunately, I was mistaken.  You see, the lion was only getting up to fornicate with the female laying to his left.

Yes, our bus, full of grade 1 students, got a front row seat to see lions going at it.  The twins' teacher turned to me and said "I'm not prepared to teach them about the birds and the bees...they're only six!"  Thankfully, none of the kids seemed to either notice, or feel the need to question what they saw.

I of course, couldn't pass up the opportunity to save the moment for propserity :P

Monday, June 6, 2011

Check out My Book Review

I was recently sent a book to review for the Girl Guides of Canada Book Club, (GGC book club).  I was sent Locavore by Sarah Elton and I really enjoyed it.

You can check out my review, and others, here.

For a brief description of the book, visit Harper Collins Canada

Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Question Friday for June 3, 2011

What a crazy day I had yesterday.  It started off slowly; but, then the afternoon picked up.

It started shortly after lunch when I went to the twins' school to watch Boo give an oral presentation.  They are learning about animals and their habitats (les animeaux et où ils vivent).  Boo's animal was a dolphin (un dauphin).  He did really well only stumbling over some words like the dauphindae, the family a dolphin belongs to.  Then it was home to prepare dinner for Boo, Pickle and Mr. Twingle as they were headed out to Boo's lacrosse photos and game.  Oh and did I mention Boo was also on drink duty?  
Then Pretty and I headed off to Banquet for the Guiding groups.  I had to be there early to let the caterer in since I have the key and at the end of the evening, Pretty had to hang around while the other Guiders and I cleaned up.   Needless to say I slept well last night!

Thank Goodness it's Friday and time for the weekend!  I'm giving a Stampin' Up!® demonstration tomorrow, which will be a lot of fun, and then we're having dinner and scrapbooking the rest of the night!  Yay!

In the meantime, it's time for Five Question Friday.  It's been a while since I've played along so I thought I would answer both last weeks and this weeks questions.  Go on over to My Little Life to link up and play along.

Questions from May 27, 2011

1.  Do you apologize to your kids?
I do...when it's deserved.  Although, it's never easy to admit you're wrong it is important to teach your kids the value of a sincere apology and that it's okay to admit when you're wrong.

2.  What colour are your nails right now?
My fingers are natural with just a clear coat on top.  I'm not a huge fan of colour on my fingers.  I think mainly because it chips and flakes off so quickly.  Being a mom isn't easy on the hands.  They're constantly in and out of water, dirty diapers, digging in mud, etc.
My toes however are flourescent pink with a white flower on the big toe!  I love having pretty toes, especially during sandal season.

3.  When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick?  (As in, did you have to vomit or just say "I don't feel well"?)
I don't think I ever faked being sick.  I'm one of those weirdos who actually liked school and didn't want to miss it.

4.  When was the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?
Does a duvet cover count?  If yes, then about a year and a half ago after our last one fell apart.

5.  Favourite website(s)?
For a good laugh,  This site is so funny.  I actually woke the twins one night because I was laughing so hard!  The one that caused my hysterical laughter can be found here.

For mom stuff,  There's no better community for moms that I've found.  With lots of support and activities for the whole family, momstown can't be beat.


Questions for today, June 3, 2011

1.  If you had to choose, how would you prefer to spend your money...on landscaping or a pool?
This is an odd question, I mean don't the two usually go hand in hand?
I think I would have to say landscaping.  I mean as great as a pool would be on those hot and sticky summer days; it's only functional two-three months of the year.  At least I could enjoy the landscaping for three quarters of the year.

2.  Death penalty, yay or nay?
I'm a big YAY on this one.
I can't think of anything worse than a prisoner, like say, Paul Bernardo, being set free to repeat his crimes.

3.  What's the worst thing your kid has gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?
I think the worst has got to be when the twins were about 20 months or so.  There were in toddler beds in their room (they still shared) and we could hear through the monitor that they weren't napping.  I went up to find that Boo had climbed the dresser, despite childlocks, and had tossed a brand new bottle of Aveno Baby Lotion to Pretty who was using it to finger paint on the ultra suede covered glider.
Needless to say, all I could do was cry.  Have you ever tried to clean lotion off of ultra suede?  It's not easy and my glider has never been the same; although it does smell good :P

4.  How often do you REALLY go to the dentist?
Since both Mr. Twingle and I are self-employed, we don't have the luxury of benefits.  Thus making trips to the dentist very expensive.  We send the kids once a year; but, Mr. Twingle and I only go if and when there is a problem...bad, I know :\

5.  What is your favourite animal (doesn't have to be a pet-type animal)?
I LOVE pigs.  They're just so cute.
An incredibly smart.  If it were possible to have a pet pig in a residential area, I totally would!  A Portuguese potbelly named Moo!


Well, that's it for me.  What are you waiting for, go link up!