Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings

Why is it that when we do something nice for our kids, like take them to a pool party; they can't say "thank you" and behave for once?
I took the three kids to a play date yesterday and the hostess just happens to have a pool.  Perfect considering the temperatures have made me feel like melting as of late.  While we were there, they were mostly well-behaved.  But the second we walked in the door the fighting and nitpicking each other began.

Really?  WTF?  We just spent a very good afternoon by a pool, swimming and having a good time.  Not once while we were there did either of the twins tell me "you're mean".  So why can't they just behave and be grateful that I even endeavoured to take three kids swimming, by myself?


Today is no better.  It's positively sweltering outside and I'm trying to limit the amount they're actually out in the yard playing.  So of course, they start in on one another.  Deliberately baiting and antagonizing the other causing my blood to boil.

I love my kids, I really do...but one woman can only take so much.  Is it too early to start the back-to-school countdown? (It's 48 days, in case you were wondering.)

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