Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Party Planning Continued...Activities, part 1

...the next course of action in my party planning is "class" activities and menu.

As stated in the invitation, seen here, the students (guests) will be attending Transfiguration, Divination and Potions classes.

As the guests arrive they will be greeted by the other "students" and led to Diagon Alley.  I'm going to set up rooms on the upper level to look like stores.  Or maybe it will just be one room with different sections.  It will depend on how much cleaning I get done beforehand ☺

In Diagon Alley, the students will get their school supplies which will, eventually make up the contents of their loot bag!  On the list: a cauldron, a quill, a notebook, a glass jar/plastic bottle for potions, a copy of the textbook: Potions, Charms and Spells, and a wand.  Of course, I will have pre-purchased and/or made these and they will be set up around the room(s) for the students to buy (with knuts and galleons of course!)

Once shopping is complete the children will the be led back to Platform 9 ¾ where they will need to run through the brick wall to enter the platform.  I'm going to purchase a shower curtain and sponge-paint it to look like a brick wall.  I'll then hang it up for the kids to run through.  We'll take a brief tour around the outside of the house for our train trek (weather permitting) and enter Hogwarts!

What is the first thing new students to Hogwarts do?  They have a Sorting Ceremony of course...and so will we!  Stay tuned for more details!

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