Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to School and Other Stuff

With my computer being down I didn't get to post about all the new beginnings this fall. 

Of course, perhaps the biggest is back to school.  The twins begin grade 2 this year and for the first time ever, they are in separate classes!  Pretty is in a grade 2/3 split class while Boo is in a straight gr. 2.  Pretty has been concerned all summer that she is going to have to work harder than Boo because she has the older kids in her class; but, a week and a half in and Boo is the only one bringing homework home!  

It's also been exciting for them since they get to take a school bus to school now.  The school board FINALLY honoured my request for a bus route.  There is no possible way the twins could walk the 12.2 km to school every day and after three years of driving them I'm happy that my gas bill will go down.

Here are some pics from their first day!

 Waiting for the bus

 Waiting for the bus to arrive at the school

 Lining up to go in

Home again, home again

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