Friday, September 2, 2011

Parenting the Lazy Mom Way: What is a Lazy Mom?

What is a Lazy Mom exactly?

Well I'm so glad you asked.

The short and skinny of it is this... a Lazy Mom is a mom who doesn't do everything for her children, she teaches her children how to do things for themselves, thereby making her a "lazy mom."
She raises her children to be responsible for themselves.
She teaches them to be ready for life when they grow up.
She gives her children boundaries so they feel safe and secure.
She doesn't let them "rule the roost."
She builds within them a "team" mentality.
She takes care of herself so that she can be a better mom.
She loves her children so she disciplines them when necessary.
She leads her children by example.

But a Lazy Mom also...
Makes mistakes along the way.
Doesn't always get things done around the house.
Sometimes fails at this thing called mothering.
Apologizes to her kids when she gets it wrong.
Struggles over whether or not she's a "good mom" just like everyone else.
Prays for wisdom and guidance as she raises her children.
Realizes she can't do it alone.

Being a mom sure isn't easy, is it?  It takes lots of hard work, dedication, consistancy and pretty much, blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears!)... but remember, if you put a little effort in now, then later you can be lazy....

Thank you to Stacey from I'm a Lazy Mom for the wonderful guest post.  I'm definitely what she defines as a lazy mom and I'm proud to admit it.
Please hop over to I'm a Lazy Mom to read some of Stacey's other witty insights and don't forget to enter her giveaway for an Amazon Kindle and $80 Amazon gift card.

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  1. Thanks Steph, it's nice to meet other "lazy moms" out there. :)

    The Lazy Mom wuz here.