Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Young Girls Target of Sexualized Marketing

A week and a half ago, the internet blew up with blog posts and news articles about the shirt being sold at JC Penny in the United States.  The shirt, pictured below, basically tells girls that they don't require brains, just good looks to get by in life.

One of the articles, from Think Progress, I read actually had an interesting point of view and made me realize, that it's not just shirts with inappropriate slogans that are the problem.

My, almost, seven year old daughter wears a lot of jeans and track pants because skirts and dresses are cut SO short that her ass cheeks hang out the bottom.  Even shirts can be a problem, cut so tight they don't leave anything to the imagination.  While some parents may not have a problem with this, I do.  It is unacceptable, at any age, to wear your skirts and dresses so short you're showing off your girlie bits, a la Paris Hilton.  

Sexualized marketing has been around for a long time.  Basically, once advertising guru's caught onto the fact that sex sells, everything revolved around that image. 

Teaching young girls to respect and love themselves no matter what is a constant battle and why companies like Dove are well aware of this and have developed marketing and self-esteem campaigns for girls and women alike.

I think more companies need to take this approach.  Use a model that isn't a size 0; but, a size 14 (which actually happens to be the average size of women in North America).  Stop airbrushing ads to make the models look no true woman looks like that.

Help teach our young women that being smart, loving yourself and being healthy is what matters most.  Good looks will eventually disappear; but, a sound mind you can build on forever.
NOTE:  I was actually working on this post when my computer blew up.  I had originally planned on publishing this post the day after the controversy.

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