Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Highly Disappointed

On a recent trip to the US, Mr. Twingle and I found these Nûby cups and thought we'd give them a try with Pickle.  
She's been fighting using any sort of sippy cup for milk, so we thought this might be a good option.

We had used Nûby cups for the twins when we transitioned from bottles to cups; but, Pickle doesn't like the ones we used with them.  In fact, if she sees us reach for it in the cupboard she goes into meltdown mode.  She won't use it for anything.

We were pleasantly surprised when she decided she liked the new Nûby cup.  We had bought two since they happened to be on sale at Toys R Us at the time.  

Well, we've only had them about a week and I've discovered I'm actually quite disappointed with them.  While Pickle loves them and drinks her milk, water and juice without question from them; today while drinking the silicone straw sheared right off in her mouth.

It's difficult to see from the photos, but part of the silicone straw is ribbed like an accordion, I guess to allow some bending.  Well, that is where the straw broke.  Not only am I disappointed in the product itself; but, my little girl easily could have choked on, or swallowed, the piece of silicone that came off.  

I've contacted the company with my concerns and complaints.  We shall see what comes of it.  

In the interim, I would strongly advise against purchasing this cup for your little ones.  I'm hoping I just got a faulty straw.  I will continue to allow Pickle to use the second cup we got; but, you can be certain that I will be watching her like a hawk to ensure her safety should it happen again.

I'll post again when I hear back from Nûby customer service.

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