Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Not Ready for This

I knew this day was coming; but, I'm so NOT ready.

For what? you ask.
For the day Pickle decided to start climbing out of her crib.

I put her down for nap two weeks ago and she decided that she wanted no part of that. After a lot of babbling and talking to her "friends", I hear, through the monitor "Mommy help, I stuck". I run up the stairs thinking she has an appendage stuck through the bars of the crib to find her straddling the front rail, feet dangling and hanging on for dear life.
I lift her down and ask her what she was doing, to which she replied "I no nap"; well no kidding!

That night she wanted to sleep with Pretty in her bed. We didn't think that was a great idea; but, thought maybe they could sleep together on the futon also in Pickle's room. After about an hour of trying to get Pickle to lay down and go to sleep we put her back in her crib where she happily stayed because Pretty was still going to sleep in her room.

We didn't have any more escape attempts again until last week. Every day last week whether it be first thing in the morning or after nap (providing she actually napped), little miss Pickle was found perched on that front rail.

Needless to say, it was time. You see, I broke my collar bone at 8 months old by climbing out of my crib. I didn't need to see my baby do the same thing to know it was time to transition to the toddler bed.

So yesterday, Mr. Twingle converted the crib to the toddler bed. We let Pickle play in her room and explore the bed without the need to actually sleep, yet!

We started the bedtime routine a little early last night with a soothing vapor bath. Then got into some snugly warm Jammie's and read a couple books. We tucked her and her "friends" into her big girl bed, gave her a new Tinkerbell night light and closed her door. She immediately got out of bed and tried to open the door; thank goodness for childproof door knob covers! We let her cry for about 15min before Mr. Twingle went back in to settle her down and put her back in bed. It didn't take long for her to settle down and Mr. Twingle left the room again. This time she stayed in her bed though she cried, not as hard as the first time. 5 minutes later, she was asleep, in her bed, looking ever so cute!

All in all, not a bad first night in her big girl bed. I just hope tonight goes as smoothly.

Wish us luck.

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