Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The First Time I Saw...

...my teeny tiny twins, I knew I was a goner!  Yesterday, January 16, would have been their birthday if they had been born on their due date, seven years ago.

Unfortunately for them (fortunately for me), they decided to make their appearance two full months (9 weeks early), on November 16.

Until you become a mother yourself, you never really understand the power of a mother's love.  If you read my birth story post, you'll learn that I didn't get to see the twins right away.  They were twelve hours old, maybe more...I'm not really sure due to the demerol they had me on...before I got to see Pretty.  Boo had already been taken to the Children's hospital by then.  But even twelve hours later my love and need to protect them was so fierce it overwhelmed me.  It was at that moment that I fully understood what a Mother's Love really means.

Did you have the same reaction when you became a mom?  If you're not a mother, did you have a reaction to something the first time you saw it?  I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. I can't wait until I'm a mother and have this experience. I feel there will be nothing better in the world!

  2. The hospital where my twins were born the policy is if the mother has a section at night the mother spends the night in icu and the babies are in another part of the hospital. I cried and cried and finally they let me see R but I couldn't see C until they moved me back to maternité the next morning. I didn't give birth at that hospital for my second pregnancy.

  3. Yikes Michelle, that's an awful policy.
    I had an emergency c-section with my twins so I was in recovery and then so doped up on demerol I don't remember much. When they transferred Boo out to the Children's Hospital, they brought him to my room; but I don't remember much other than a big blue box. I didn't get to see him until I was discharged four days later :(