Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Wives Tales

A friend of mine is pregnant with her second baby.  Before she was able to get in for an ultrasound and gender screening, we decided to put an old wives tale to the test.  It had been right for all three of my kids, yes, even the twins.

We used her necklace and I held it over her belly.  It immediately started swing in a circular motion...a girl! We tried several more times over the weeks before her ultrasound and always got the same result, without hesitation.

Well, it turns out the necklace was wrong.  According to her physician, the ultrasound shows the baby is a boy.  Of course, we all know that ultrasounds can be wrong and so she is taking it with a grain of salt.
I, however, am skeptical.  I mean, how is it that this wives tale could be right for boy/girl twins; but, not for this baby?  Am I buying into the myth?

I remember when my mom put my wedding ring on a chain and hung it over my belly.  I thought "what a crock".  Especially when the chain started to move back & forth, then change to circling; and back to swinging back & forth.  Little did I know at the time that I was expecting twins, let alone one of each!  Turns out the chain was right to act as it had.  With Pickle, there was never any doubt.  The same chain circled each and every time I held it over my belly.  An ultrasound confirmed that the baby was indeed a girl.

These recent chain of events have had me wondering about other old wives tales and their accuracy.  Does anyone have any experience with other tales; and were they right?  I know there are MANY old wives tales regarding pregnancy, the swinging chain is just one of those.  Some say you can tell the gender of the baby based on how the woman carries the child. Others say you can tell by what the mother craves.

What about old wives tales that don't involve pregnancy?  My favourite is "feed a cold, starve a fever".  Really?  Both colds and fevers can cause dehydration and make you sicker.  Drinking lots of clear liquids, including broths, when you're sick is key.

So are there any old wives tales out there that you dislike or find annoying?  I'd love to hear about them or your experiences with any old wives tale!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. great post! I do not remember that one about the chain! I should try it with my sister in law who hasn't found out yet!