Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

It amazes me sometimes how often the twins ask to go to their grandparents' houses.  They get super excited about going for a visit, especially when there's a sleepover involved.

Growing up, I hated going to visit my grandparents.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that my mom's parents were chain smokers and lived in a tiny apartment.  Get the two of them and my parents, also smokers at the time, in that little room and I could barely breathe.  I also wasn't allowed to touch anything, they didn't have any toys or activities to keep me busy and they watched football all day long.  
Gotta say, not much fun for an eight year old kid.  I'm also the oldest of all my cousins, with an 18 year gap between me and the youngest.  I often got stuck entertaining the little ones.  

As I got older, visiting them got more tolerable.  I could take books or my walk-man (disc-man) and lose myself in my music.  But I never had the enthusiasm that the twins have about going to see Grandma & Grandpa or Nana & Papa.

Do your kids like to go to their Grandparents?  Did you, as a child, enjoy visiting your Grandparents?  Why do you think that is?  I can't wait to hear your comments and thoughts.


  1. My boys LOVE grandma&grandpa's house... they have their "own" room {or a room that they SAY is theirs} and have toys that they love over there! My oldest has said he's moving in there multiple times, lol!

    When I was little I don't ever remember visiting my grandparents {dad's parents} nearly as much as my children get to visit theirs... and we lived WALKING distance from my grandma!! We used to visit a lot before my grandpa died, but I was thinking about it today, and I don't think we ever went over for sleepovers after he passed away.

    My other grandparents {moms parents}never let us have sleep overs, they never even babysat us!! I don't remember going over there, or even remember them at all from when I was young. The first memory I have of them is when I was older {maybe like 10?} and visiting for Thanksgiving!

  2. My daughter loves visiting my parents house. They have so much fun when their together. My daughter has even said... "Mommy, why can't I stay with Memaw like I stay with you and visit you like I do them?" LOL

    I also loved visiting my Grandparents. They always seemed to make everything in my world that was wrong.. right. All it took was a smile from Grandma and a hug from Pappy.

  3. My kids tolerated going to GG & Papa's. HATED going to the other set of Grandparent. I'm breaking the cycle with my Grandbabies. They love spending time here. My kids say they have more toys and activities here than all 3 of them combined... well.... duh!! Grandbabies are meant for spoilin'!!