Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Much Technology?

Today, I hosted a playdate for the twins & their friend.  Her mom comes with her as we get to enjoy some adult conversation as the kids play; a win-win for all of us.
However, we noticed today that the kids seemed to have a hard time finding things to do despite the plethora of toys and board games available to them.

This got us moms talking.

As is usually the case, we found ourselves comparing our childhood with that of our children.  The differences go farther than the typical "I stayed outside all day until the street lights came on" that inevitably pops up.
We came to the conclusion that kids today, not just ours, don't know how to entertain themselves because technology does it for them.  With the amount of TV shows, video games, and music videos geared at youth today, why should they have to think for themselves and find something to do?  Using their imagination seems foreign to them somehow.  Why pretend to play house and make tea and biscuits when I can pop in this disc, waive a controller and (insert favourite video game cartoon character) does it for me?

I'm all for society and technology advancing; but, at what cost?  Even in schools I'm finding the fundamentals like learning to print and cursive are falling by the wayside since computers can do it for them.

What are your thoughts?  Have we, as a society, become so technology obsessed that we no longer care about developing the minds of our children?


  1. Yes, I absolutely agree! My husband and myself find ourselves talking about this all too often!
    Dilly Dally

  2. As a teacher, I find my students want to be entertained all the time. Old fashioned learning and teaching doesn't work anymore. Kids want computers/iPads/Tv so that learning will be "fun."

  3. I think it goes beyond technology to include organized activities that many children have their days and/or weekends full of and no time to "be bored".

  4. yes we have!!! it's sad really... When my three year old would (if I let him) sit for hours playing angry birds or chop chop ninja on the iphone, or that he even knows how to use amazon to look up things (again on the phone) better than I do, it's kinda sad!

  5. Michelle, I agree. My husband and I said early on; that our kids could do 1 activity per season....on top of swimming since we consider that a life skill. The twins are involved in Guiding/Scouting during the fall/winter. DS plays lacrosse in the summer. But that's it; they are still at home 5 out of 7 days/week.

  6. yes..we put strict limits on all screens..1hr/day total which includes tv, computer, video etc..this definitely helped them al grow emotionally, socially and intellectually..tey had to figure stuff out w/o being passively entertained.
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