Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I Write

It's been a while since I've thought about this question and so I thought I'd blog about it.

I started blogging because it seemed like the "cool" thing to do; yes, I followed the popular kids.  But I never really stayed with it for long.  I dabbled with the odd blog post on different platforms; but, never really became a "blogger".

In June of 2010, I made the heartbreaking decision to close my five year old cloth diaper business.  I had put many long hours, blood, sweat and tears into the business; but with the economic decline it wasn't feasible to keep it going.  I needed something to do with my time.  Yes, not running a business gave me more time to spend with the kids and I loved it; but you can only go so long without adult interaction before you start going insane.  That's when I decided I would give it a go at blogging, routinely.

Originally, I thought I'd just write about my days with the kids.  A way to keep family up-to-date with what I'm doing at home every day.  But I quickly realized I needed and wanted to write more than that.  You'll see that my post count year to year has grown since I started in June 2010.  Some months I do really well, writing almost every day.  Other months I can go weeks without anything to say...but that's life isn't it?  We don't always have something exciting or challenging going on that we need to share.  Sometimes what I write is just fluff.  There's no real indepth thought process to what I type.  Other days, it can take hours, broken up over the course of the day, to write one post.

I love the interaction I get when new people find and follow my blog or leave comments.  While Blogger doesn't allow me to interact well with my commenters, I do try to respond and hope they'll come back to see what I've written.  Maybe one day, I'll move to the Wordpress platform; but, for now Blogger meets my needs and it doesn't take a lot of thought to design and manage.  I enjoy finding new blogs to follow and reading them when I have a spare moment; which I admit is far and few between.

For me blogging is like keeping a journal, which I did all through adolescence and even into early adulthood. While I may not write as many personal things on the blog that I would have shared in a journal that was for my eyes only, I do get to express myself in the same way; it's just censored!

So I guess in a nutshell, I write for me.  Even if no one else ever reads what I write, I've put it out there for me to see and read.  Someday, the three kids may come across my blog and read my silly anecdotes or rants about their behaviour and thank me for writing about it least that's what I hope.

So tell me, why do you write?

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