Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5-Minute Retreats for Women

Several years ago, as a thank you for my contribution on a Guiding project, I received a copy of Sue Augustine's 5-Minute Retreats for Women.

The book had been tucked away in a cabinet, forgotten, until today.  I just came across it while looking for another book and I began reading.  The following anecdote, from PLAY MORE, stood out for me and I thought I'd share.

"Do you know how to play?  Children do it intuitively, but many people leave this innocent pleasure behind on the path to adulthood.  Some become too mature and dignified.  Others play only to win, not to simply have fun.
Playing "just for the fun of it" is hard for most adults."
"Playing for fun provides extraordinary freedom and a temporary escape from reality - crucial for creativity and well-being."
"Children have the capacity to plunge into life with a sense of awe and wonder.  Perhaps it's time to reactivate those marvelous feelings of childlike pleasure."
"In fact, good, frolicking, let-down-your-hair fun is essential for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health."
"As Mae West reminded us, 'You're never too old to become younger!'"
Taken from 5-Minute Retreats for Women by Sue Augustine

Do you know how to play?  Do you take time to engage in play on a daily basis?  What types of things do you enjoy?

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