Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guest Post: Things to Consider for Expecting Parents

by: Katie Moore

Nine months go by fast and before you know it your baby's due date is right around the corner. Thinking ahead makes your pregnancy, your labor and your delivery much more enjoyable because of the peace of mind it provides.

Labor and delivery classes are very important for both parents. These specialized classes educate and prepare couples on the labor and delivery process, as well as teach helpful breathing techniques for mom-to-be.

It’s good for the baby's father to attend doctors’ appointments with the mother, when possible. This provides comfort because you are both building a relationship and a trust with the doctor. There are also important things to discuss such as birthing options, possible complications and blood cord banking. Blood cord banking is the process of saving the baby's blood from the umbilical cord and banking it as a valuable resource of stem cells. The stem cells could potentially be used in a future medical treatment. . This is not a routine practice in most hospitals and is a procedure that must be planned in advance. One of the main reasons parents choose this procedure is because of family history of diseases that can be treated with cord blood stem cells.

Touring the hospital before the expected due date is also a good idea. This ensures that you know where everything is from the nurse’s station to the admitting department and everywhere in between. It reduces stress and fear of not knowing where things are and familiarity gives comfort to both parents.

It’s also very important to have the proper things packed for your stay in the hospital. It’s not just a bag for mommy anymore. Now that expectant fathers are allowed to stay with the new moms most all the time, it’s important to make sure he has his essentials as well. Sleeping clothes, toothbrushes, deodorant, and changes of clothes/undergarments are necessary for both parents considering no one knows how long the hospital stay will last. Books, magazines and movies are also good things to consider bringing since they provide things to do while in the hospital. One of the most important things to pack is the camera and video camera along with fresh batteries. You’ll want to be sure to capture every moment of the new baby’s entrance into the world.

It’s hard to prepare for the unexpected but just thinking ahead and planning as much as possible will make all the difference in the world.

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