Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings

It's Monday...again.  I don't mean that the way it sounds though.  I actually like Mondays.  The start of another week.  The kids are at school and I can enjoy quality time with Pickle.  It won't be long before she's in school full-time herself and I'll be back at work.

Right now, I fill my days with reading, crafting and just "playing" with Pickle.  Of course, there are moments of housework and meal preparation to break up the day; but, I enjoy my special time with my littlest and last child.

If Pickle is co-operative, I can usually find an hour or two to blog or prepare for my weekly Girl Guide meeting.  I know I've mentioned before that I volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada/Guides du Canada.  I work with Guides, girls aged 9-11 and I'm the Community Guider of PR for my area.  It's a rewarding and challenging role; but, I love it.  

Contrary to popular belief, I don't get paid for my time as a Guider.  I do it because I enjoy it.

I'm often asked why I work with kids when I have three of my own at home.  The honest answer is that I like what I do.  These girls offer me physical, emotional and mental challenges that I don't necessarily get at home.  I also love being able to introduce them to things that they might not otherwise get to experience.  "Like what?" some of you might think.  

Well, for starters, Guiding offers girls a safe environment to be themselves.  It is an all-inclusive organization that focuses on empowering girls to be and do anything they want.  There are many girls who want to try new things; but, don't out of fear of being made fun of by their male classmates, family or friends.  Guiding gives them a way to try these things, without fear of judgement.  Guiding also runs a girl-centred program.  We get the girls input into everything we do.  For example, this week we are having a Valentine's Day party...and the girls planned the whole thing.  They only thing I need to do is buy the few needed craft supplies and snack.  They will decorate, organize the games, crafts and snack and essentially run the whole meeting.  We are there to simply provide guidance when needed.  Allowing the girls to plan and run meetings gives them self-confidence, teaches them leadership and tells them that we believe in them and their abilities.  How many other organizations do that?

I firmly believe in the Mission and Principles Guiding has set forth and I'm proud to be a member.  I hope that Pretty and eventually Pickle, will share my enthusiasm for Guiding someday too.


  1. girl guides is an amazing group and teaches such great things! i remember being one when i was younger :D
    i've given you a blog award - you can check it out here