Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girl Guides at Great Wolf Lodge

This past weekend my Guide unit went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for an overnight adventure! We were told we couldn't officially get our rooms until 4:00pm; but, if we got there around 1:00 we could check our bags and get into the waterpark while we that's what we did.

Sharon, my co-leader, and I planned to arrive around noon. We figured that if everyone had the same idea to get there at 1:00, it could be quite a while before the girls actually got to the fun. As it turns out, there wasn't much of a lineup when we got there at noon and they even let us check in a bit early. So we were in the waterpark by 1:00 and ready to have fun!

It seems like everyone had been to GWL before, except me. I excitedly tried to take it all in. The lobby was fantastic with a very modern rustic feel. The talking tree and animals were a tad disturbing; but, I'm sure younger kids just adore them.

We went the waterpark where we gave the girls a few ground rules like they always had to be with at least one other girl and they couldn't leave the water play area, then set them free! Sharon and I set off for our first ride, Wooly Mammoth. I'm not a huge fan of waterslides but I had a blast. I think it's that all the slides involve tubes of some sort.  Sharon and I tried out a few different slides before heading to the "adults only" outdoor spa.  Yep, you got to swim under a little flappy door into an amazing hot kids allowed!  The weather was perfect for this too.  It was cool with a light drizzle to help regulate our temperatures from the hot tub.  It was pure heaven and I didn't want to leave.  I think Sharon and I may have spent most of our time here.  The girls were able to get to us if they needed us as there were patio doors that they could see us through; but, other than a couple waves we didn't see much of them during their allotted slide time.

Around 4:00, we gathered the girls and finally got our rooms.  We had brought dinner with us: pizza, carrots & dip and juice.  We ate then went back down for some more water fun before campfire.  Since there were many Guiding groups participating, the organizing unit hosted a campfire for everyone on Saturday night.  It was an informal event with each unit leading their chosen song(s).  Lots of laughs ensued.  Girls then had a snack of milk and cookies, got to do some swaps if they had them and just hang out with the other girls.  By 10:30, they were complaining they were tired and we headed back to the rooms.  It turns out, they weren't really tired at all and we had some snacks while watching a movie on ABC Family.  Girls pulled pranks on each other, causing fits of laughter, and we  got a noise warning from security...oops.  We had the girls to sleep by about 2:00am, not horrible for a Guiding event.  
We were awake by 8:00, fed and back at the waterpark by 9:00, when it opened.  We had a couple hours of fun before we had to say good-bye to Great Wolf Lodge; but, the girls are already asking to do it again next year!

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