Saturday, March 10, 2012

Success in the City

Friday, I attended the first annual Hamilton, Ontario "Success in the City". 130 women entrepreneurs got together for a day of networking and lunch!
I was invited to attend as part of the momstown Hamilton team; and, I am so grateful for the incredible opportunity. I feel like I came out of the day with understanding and inspiration. I was totally enlightened after the days event.
I think what resonated most for me was listening to Jennifer Blakely, from Alphabet Photography, describe her successes and failures. Sharing her failures with us made me realize that part of being an entrepreneur IS failure. You can't be afraid to fail or you'll never succeed. Not every idea is going to be a good one; but, unless you try you won't ever know.
Jennifer summed up her presentation with the following key points "do what you love, be smart about it and think BIG".
At one time, I too was an entrepreneur and sadly I had to close my business. It was the hardest decision I made as a business owner and it left me heartbroken. Yet after Success in the City, I no longer feel like a failure. The business may have faltered; but, I did not fail. I have learned from my experience and if I ever decide to venture down the entrepreneurial road again I will have that experience and a network of other successful women to look up to and ask for support.

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