Thursday, May 10, 2012

"It's Not Fair"

I can't wait for school to be done for the summer.  

Wait, did I actually just say that?

Yep, I did.  The past few weeks it seems Pretty is having a hard time getting up at 6am.  The twins are still going to bed at the same time, so nothing has changed with that regard; but, suddenly she is MISERABLE in the mornings.  I'm talking full-on meltdown mode when she doesn't get something she wants.  This morning the tears started flowing after her standard "it's not fair" comment over the fact that Boo got a Gatorade at his lacrosse practice last night, provided by the team, that he was taking in his lunch today.  Of course, I know she's going into meltdown mode because she's tired.  The twins are already in bed by 7pm, even if they're not falling asleep until closer to 8.  I can't realistically put them to bed any sooner; and yet we have to be up by 6 in order to have breakfast and be ready for their bus, which comes at 7am.

Today's meltdown over Gatorade then opened the door for other "it's not fair" moments that she isn't happy about.  Things like Boo getting a snack at his Beaver meeting or that Pickle got a popsicle yesterday afternoon while the twins were at school.  Though is quite all right by her, if she gets something and the others don't.  
It seems to me, partly through our doing as parents, that she feels she has to get something every time Boo or Pickle get something.  

How do we break this vicious cycle of entitlement?  It's really hard for the twins because they ARE twins and they both always get something at holidays, birthdays, etc.  I'm open to suggestions as I can't face any more morning meltdowns over "it's not fair".

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