Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote.  I apologize to my readers for the lack of updates.  May and June get to be crazy around here with school winding down, Scouting and Guiding finishing up and more.

Last Wednesday, our Guiding Community held a recognition ceremony for girls and Guiders that have earned awards and completed program.  I was invited to attend, not only as a member of the Community; but as I had nominated a peer for an award.  Unfortunately, she couldn't attend the ceremony; but, I was happy to attend to show my support for those that could be there.

As it turns out, I also received two awards that night.  The first was an Ontario Volunteer Long Service Award.  I had no idea these awards even existed, so I was quite surprised to have earned my 10-year pin and receive a certificate signed by the Premiere himself.  I also received a beautiful pin to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee as part of my award.

The second award is much more meaningful as my peers nominated me and submitted beautiful letters in support.  I found it very difficult not to cry as the presenter read one of the letters aloud.  I am eternally grateful to Sharon and Tammi for taking the time to recognize my efforts even if it is a job I love doing.

The award given is the Gold Unit Guider award.

The Unit Guider Award is presented to Unit Guiders who: provide girls with diverse and exciting programs and opportunities that will help them achieve greatness; ensures there are regular bridging opportunities; always welcomes new Members; attends trainings; participates in community events; and upholds the values of GGC. The award is in three categories:
  • Bronze Unit Guider Award (experience 1-3 years)
  • Silver Unit Guider Award (experience 4-10 years) 
  • Gold Unit Guider Award (experience 11+ years)
The years of experience are cumulative and a Unit Guider may receive any or all of the Awards during her tenure in Guiding. 

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