Saturday, July 21, 2012

Five Question Friday for July 20, 2012 on Saturday

What a week.  The weather has been decent, not too hot.  We finally got some rain yesterday; but still not nearly enough.

The kids are fairly well despite being stuck at home and we've only suffered one small wound; the pool was attacked by the dog and now has a hole in one of the inflatable rings.  All in all, summer is going well right now.

It's finally Friday and that means it's time for Five Question Friday!

1.  What do you call them - flip flops, sandals, thongs or slippers?
We're a flip flop family here.  It's how we differentiate between those and more substantial sandals.  I love hearing Pickle say "fipfop" as she searches around for mine to wear around the house.

2.  Are you a "my kids can do no wrong" kind of mom, or a "Johnny punched you?  Well what did you do to him first?!" kind of mom?
I'm definitely the latter.  I know my kids are no angels and don't pretend they are.  What really gets my goat is the parents that are the "my kids can do no wrong" type and don't apologize for their kids behaviour, even when the kids owns up to it.

3.  Would you confront a good friend that looked/looks down on your husband/significant other?
Definitely!  Being my friend means respecting my decisions regardless of how you feel about them.  If you don't like my husband, or look down on him, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it.  But I don't want or need to hear about it.

4.  Biggest pet peeve?
Gosh, this is a hard one.  I have so many pet peeves I don't think I can pick just one.
The one that stands out at the moment is people that stop in front of an entry way to gab with someone they've chanced upon.  Um, take your conversation to the side and allow people to pass, please and thank you!

5.  What's your favourite take-out meal?
We rarely get take-out, but if and when we do I want Chinese.  We have found a tiny little place here that has a large selection of really good Chinese food.  It's not cheap and we're lucky to get it once a year; but we thoroughly enjoy it when we do!

Have a great weekend!

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