Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one.  It's especially hard for a child when that loved one is their pet fish.
Last night, as the kids were brushing their teeth for bed, Boo looked upon his Beta fish, Fishy, to find him in that tell-tale sideways float at the bottom of the tank.  He wasn't quite dead, making the odd sporadic jerk, and poor Boo was completely distraught and unwilling to accept that Fishy was all but gone.  It took some convincing and even taking the fish out of the tank in the net without any fight, that Boo finally agreed to send Fishy on to his watery grave via flush.  
We said a few kind words, but before doing so, Boo asked me to take a photo of Fishy for him to remember him by.  I wasn't quite sure what to say to that; but as Fishy wasn't completely dead yet, it didn't seem entirely morbid.  
Boo then cuddled up in his bed, with tears in his eyes and snuggled with a very old stuffed toy that he hasn't bothered with in a long time.  It was rather heartbreaking to watch.
I'm worried now about how the twins will handle it when their hamsters die.  If Boo was this upset over the fish, it's going to be a very difficult experience when Jolly expires.  Hopefully, that won't be for some time yet.  I will be sure to get lots of photos of the twins' hamsters before their short lives come to an end.  

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